This website has been newly relaunched, because I am moving on from my current endeavor of six years as a partner in an information management consulting firm to embark on a new phase of my career.  I’m looking for a blend of new and familiar that builds on my experiences over the last 25 years as a marketer and communicator.  My guiding principle is to join with people whose company I enjoy and who are doing worthwhile work. As Ergo enters it’s next phase, I am actively looking for projects that fit into one (or ideally more than one) of these three areas:

Startup/Venture Marketing: I’ve worked with several startup firms over the years, from their initial rounds of funding through to acquisition. I have a great affinity for the high growth, high energy environment of companies at this stage, and can offer assistance in something many of them lack: access to markets. A crucial point in the innovation cycle is expanding beyond the initial prototype and lead customer into wider markets and revenue growth, and this is exactly where the message development and delivery I’ve been doing for the past 25 years can be most effective.

Social Marketing: The organizations I respect most are the ones whose products, services and behaviour ultimately benefit the social good and promote positive change. Some of these are not-for-profit organizations that assist people who are disadvantaged, poor, sick or in crisis. Others provide technologies, products and services that help to change social behaviour in fields like the environment, energy, public health, community development or education. I’d be privileged and proud to work with an organization active in any of these worthwhile endeavors.

Disruptive Technology Marketing: The entirety of my career has been spent with leading edge technologies that have the potential to transform established industries. I worked at the leading edge of Voice over IP at the beginning of my career in the 90’s and have gone on to similarly innovative areas in wireless, high speed networks, enterprise applications, information technology and other fields. For example, I recently authored a journal article on blockchain technology, and I continue to be drawn to a wide variety of new technologies that may one day change all our lives for the better, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, energy microgrids, and others across a variety of emerging industries.

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